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Just reversed into another car advice needed!

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caykon Mon 08-Dec-08 15:35:09

I am a bit shaken and fuming at myself, but just wanted some advice.

I was parked in a parking bay, I had looked around and started reversing and went into a car parked on double yellow lines behind me.

This car was not there when I got in my car and literally had just pulled up as I was getting ready to move, and as there car was so small and mine high he was directly behind me so sisnt see me.

I am already fuming at myself as I know this could have been a person, Where do I go from here (other than convincing dh to get a smaller car).

I am already to accept responsibility as I was the only car moving, am I right to do this as he illegally parked right behind me?

Any advice welcome as have never been in this situatuion before

Mamazontopofsanta Mon 08-Dec-08 15:37:15

never accept responsiblity.
let the insurance company argue it between themselves.

DebiTheScotUpAChimney Mon 08-Dec-08 15:41:09

I think that the person reversing is always at fault but let your insurance company sort it. Although he was parked illegally obviously he could have been moving and in the same place and so they'll argue you still should have seen him.

Try not to beat yourself up about it. It wasn't worse and you're less likely to do it again now you know how easy it is to do.

caykon Mon 08-Dec-08 15:41:11

I didn't accept responsibilty, but we know someone who does car repairs who owes us a favour, and if it was my fault I was just going to get them to sort and save myself the hassle

LIZS Mon 08-Dec-08 15:44:37

You should have been looking while reversing - sorry. It could just have easily been a person you hit therefore whether the car should or should not have been there isn't relevant.

thisisyesterday Mon 08-Dec-08 15:46:53

yep, the person doing the manouevre is responsible unfortunately. even if the arse was parked illegally.

PinkPoinsettias Mon 08-Dec-08 15:49:05

i did this last week... van pulled up opposite me but parked illegaly but as far as i'm concerned it was my fault as i didn't look properly, i was too concerned with looking to the sides and it didn't occur to me there was anything behind me... but like you said it could have been a person shock so that's no excuse.

the man who's van it was was lovely though, really sweet and proclaimed that as we both had a dent it evened out really and his could be pushed out easily enough. he was so sweet he even came up again after i got back in my car to check i was ok and ds was ok.

dp hasn't noticed the dent yet wink

caykon Mon 08-Dec-08 16:01:26

Unfortunately the other car is the only car with damage, not even a scratch to the paintwork on mine. I will call the man tonight and see what he prefers, he can either have my insurance details or I will just get someone to sort it, which will be quicker and less hassle.

PinkPoinsettias Mon 08-Dec-08 16:16:36

chances are if you're willing to pay for it he'll be more than happy to go that route so you should be able to avoid losing your no claims bonus at least.

prettybird Tue 09-Dec-08 13:11:15

Same hing happened to us (fortunately dh was driving grin)

Samll bit of damage to the rear of the guy's wheel arch.

Unfortunately he then tried to claim for 2 weeks off the road and all osrt of stuff inv;cding having to replace the VW (or wahtver it was) badge ot the front of the car ! shockangry

And, even though we complained abuot this to the insuracne company, they *PAID UP!!! angry

Dh blew hsi top at them, pointing out that they complain about fraud and yet when an example is brought to their attention, they do nothing about it. He ended up getting our No-Claims bonus retained.

Memo to self: in future - take photogrpahs of the damage!

caykon Thu 11-Dec-08 14:24:00

It looks like its going through the insurance now. He had it looked at and agreed for us to pay for the work to be done, but has now changed his mind! Hesays the insurance people have people that are especially trained and do a better jobs at repairs. ( we were paying for the whole door to be replaced!) but nevermind, I think he wants to try it on a bit but I took pictures at the scene so he can try all he likes.
He also will be getting a bill from the garage as he confirmed to them to go ahead with the repairs they got the new door in and then he changed his mind. Think the insurance company route will be a lot easier

TisTheSeasonToBeSolo Thu 11-Dec-08 14:29:41

The insurance companies might agree that both parties take 50/50 blame, but it could(and would in court)be argued that you were driving with undue care and attention, so although he was parked illegally, yours is the point getting offence.
Would you lose your NCB if you have it protected and are comprehensively covered?
Hope you are ok though. It could've been worse, that's what you need to tell yourself.

caykon Thu 11-Dec-08 21:49:09

I am not trying to shift the blame, I am fuming with myself. Not so much that I hit his car but that it could have been a person. My no claims is protected and I only have an excess of £200 to pay so all in all it wont be too bad for me in that sense. i always considered myself a careful driver and this has shook me a bit

TisTheSeasonToBeSolo Fri 12-Dec-08 00:02:36

No, I wasn't suggesting that you were trying to shift the blame at all...sorry if that's how it read. Hope it pans out ok for you I really do. We all have off days.

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