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savings-where is the best place at the moment?

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sammysam Thu 04-Dec-08 10:45:03

I inherited a smallish some a few months ago but it has been sitting in my bank account as we haven't known what we have wanted to do with it (we might want to pay it off our mortgage) but it is gradually being spent as it is in there and I desperately don't want it to continue so I need to move it asap. Now is not good for savings though is it? Where should I put it? It is now 13k.

bollockbrainASSofBETHLEHEM Thu 04-Dec-08 10:46:25

I reqally think the best place would be to pass it over to me for safekeeping grin

bollockbrainASSofBETHLEHEM Thu 04-Dec-08 10:46:35


Bramshott Thu 04-Dec-08 10:52:20

I'm a fan of the Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert site. His advice on savings is here

sammysam Thu 04-Dec-08 13:22:34

grin bbaofbethlehem!

Thanks-I'll take a look at the site bramshott-I have found it hard to use before when i've looked blush

scubagroover Thu 04-Dec-08 14:53:21

It takes a bit of getting used to or else try It depends on whether you want instant access to your money or you are prepared to put it into a bond i.e. where you can't get at it for a fixed period but they guarantee the interest for that period. They vary from about 3 months to 5 years as far as I can see.

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