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Gym not cancelled membership taking money since.....I cancelled dd and they set it up again

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MrsSanta Sun 30-Nov-08 20:08:22

Dh had membership and 12 month contract due up last Jan (08), I called my bank (dd came out my account) and cancelled it in dec 07 also sent letter to gym to cancel.

Just checked today internt banking and they have been taking the money since. Called bank and they said it was cancelled by me (customer log) on 4th dec 07, and was re-instated by the gym Fitness First and has come out each month. £24.95 each month.
called ff and of course lady who deals with it is off until thursday.

Any advice, am I going to get my money back. have copy of letter on pc although they could say that is not proof. dh not been since january 08 and they should beable to see on their log.

LoveBeingAMummy Sun 30-Nov-08 20:11:00

What did the bank say siurely they can give some of it at least due to the direct debit guarnetee system. Its normal for places to set them up again i'm afriad. Will prob say they didn't get your letter.

MrsSanta Sun 30-Nov-08 20:24:07

Bank sais speak to gym and come back to us (bank) if unable to get any help and they can try and claim it back.
They should not be allowed to reinstate without at least you knowing about it.

Lubyloo Sun 30-Nov-08 20:31:28

You are covered under the direct debit guarantee here.

Contact the gym tomorrow and get them to confirm to your bank that they have made an error. Your bank should then refund you straight away and they will then claim back from the gym.

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