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Should I represent myself in court?

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macintosh Wed 26-Nov-08 14:44:07

Is it realistic to represent oneself in a tribunal court case. If not, is it possible to get someone to represent if the case is next week? Thanks

mummypoppins Wed 26-Nov-08 14:44:28

what is the case ?

macintosh Wed 26-Nov-08 14:47:55

Unfair dismissal. Am I going to be intimidated by legal jargon or is it fairly people friendly?

bookthief Wed 26-Nov-08 14:49:43

Do you have a union who could represent you?

My friend is an employment lawyer and regularly wins tribunal cases on the employer's side then feels frustrated because the person was poorly or not represented.

lulumama Wed 26-Nov-08 14:49:52

i would have thought you would need some shit hot representation , at the least someone from your union if you are in one

i think it is really unrealistic to represent yourself in something as complex as emploment law, but with a weeks notice, you might have no choice

bookthief Wed 26-Nov-08 14:50:21

(Frustrated because he is a decent man and hates that aspect of his job.)

mummypoppins Wed 26-Nov-08 14:50:24

yes try your union

LoveBeingAMummy Sun 30-Nov-08 20:19:22

HAve you tried puttingthis in employment issues? there might be someone there who can advise.

PS my dad did this and won. Think its more about your case and whether you deserve than if you are a legal bod.

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