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Jury Duty - Can someone please explain?

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VivaLaPotPourri Mon 24-Nov-08 22:27:27

DH got a jury duty thing through, but it says time off work is unpaid, and we cannot afford to live on what they give you for it for up to 2 weeks, but it seems you can only defer once. What do you do?

PortAndLemon Mon 24-Nov-08 22:32:25

I have heard that some household insurance policies (certainly some from Norwich Union) cover this in the small print somewhere -- could be worth checking?

Also, his employers may still pay for jury duty -- there's no legal obligation to do so, but some employers do it anyway.

gigglewitch Mon 24-Nov-08 22:36:44

when my dh did it, he claimed his normal rate of pay - can't actually remember whether he claimed it direct from the courts where he did his jury service or whether he was paid as normal and the employers claimed it back. They reimbursed him for travel as well. Look into it with employers.
Otherwise get in touch with tax credits, benefits helpline and anyone else you can think of to find out what you can claim. Chances are that tax credits might cover quite an amount if there's no joy with his employer.

gigglewitch Mon 24-Nov-08 22:37:38

have you seen this?

ThingOne Mon 24-Nov-08 22:39:03

I worked for small company when I did jury service. My employer paid me as normal. I claimed all the money due and paid it - or most of it - to her.

callmeovercautious Mon 24-Nov-08 22:41:40

We pay our staff as normal but claim the small allowance back to help cover costs. I don't do payroll so not sure of details but tell DH to talk to his Pay Roll dept tomorrow. Also you can only defer in certain circumstances, he may not be allowed to defer it this time.

roisin Mon 24-Nov-08 22:43:06

Who does he work for? Jury service pays up to about £300 per week (net) max reimbursement for loss of earnings, but the cap goes up considerably for longer court cases.

Many employers will top up this reimbursement to the net figure they would normally receive in their net salary.

Who does he work for?

PurpleFrog Fri 28-Nov-08 13:51:15

My DP was all set to do jury duty and the Friday before the Monday he was due to attend, he got a letter saying he wasn't needed after all..... so it might not happen !

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