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help - bank accounts for bad credit

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Allyco Thu 17-Mar-05 20:45:44

my sister has had bad credit for a while but is now working full time again and although got a Lloyds TSB basic account would prefer something with a debit card - saw an internet ad where they said they'd put her in touch with a high street bank who offered debit cards to all and sundry except bankrupts) but the catch was it'd cost her £50.00.

Anyway, does anyone know which bank this is? or work for this bank? or been in the same situation and know a sympathetic bank (if there's such a thing)

I bank with Lloyds too and find them okay

misdee Thu 17-Mar-05 20:48:31

she'd be better off trying to keep her account under control and not have a debit card. i didnt have one for 2years almost due to bad credit, and it was the best thing i did. i was able to clear my overdraft and other bills, and made sure i always had money in the bank.

it was hard always going to the cashpoint, but at least i couldnt spend money i didnt have.

lilsmum Thu 17-Mar-05 21:04:14

natwest do a account called a step account, this is for bad credit, you get a solo debit card but no cheque book, solo card is taken most places, as good as switch, get her to apply asap!!

hth x

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