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Have you got a loft conversion?

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Peckarollover Wed 16-Mar-05 13:44:36

Im thinking about a loft conversion in the future but not sure if our house is suitable and also have no idea what they cost.

If you have one could you tell me how much it was, what type of house you have and what space you have?


bundle Wed 16-Mar-05 13:50:13

a friend had one, it cost about £30k for one extra decent sized room plus a shower room/loo.

kernowcat Wed 16-Mar-05 13:53:54

Hi, we don't have one but my Dads a builder so I've picked up some knowledge!!! You would need to look inside your loft at the space available ( some roof designs are not suitable eg. beams running everywhere. Also look at the amount of headroom you have. Do you have enough room for the staircase on your existing landing? Look around at neighbouring houses are there any other conversions?
Try googling for some info there's loads out there!

Good luck

Peckarollover Wed 16-Mar-05 14:04:01

this is the type of house I live in - do you think one would be possible in here? (daft question i know!)

bundle Wed 16-Mar-05 14:05:53

i would have thought so - have any of your neighbours got one? we knocked on someone's door who has a cellar conversion in our road, they were happy to show us round.

Bumblelion Wed 16-Mar-05 14:10:01

When we moved into our house, it already had a loft extension - separated into two rooms. The staircase to gain entry into the loft was taken from the room between the main and second bedroom. Therefore, the main bedroom was slightly smaller. My ex (now separated) is very good at everything (except relationships!) and created a new staircase over the existing staircase using the room from the landing. That then gave us back the full size main bedroom. We could not believe that the people before us had put in a loft extension, but not used the existing landing. Now you go up the stairs (with a slight turn at the top), walk round the landing and go up again. Because the stairs used to go up the middle of the house into the loft, we lost a lot of room in the first room you came into. It was like a corridor with a small room.

Ex opened up the loft (no dormer window), just two velux in the back of the house - from the outside, at the front, you cannot tell that a loft extension is there.

Husband created storage space in the eaves and opened up the whole of the loft - now have one half as my office/playroom and the other half (through an opened archway) is my eldest's bedroom.

In effect we have now got a 4 bedroomed house but didn't pay the price for a 4 bedroomed house.

Well worth it.

kernowcat Wed 16-Mar-05 14:10:53

Sorry no luck with the link!!

Peckarollover Wed 16-Mar-05 14:19:21

Similar house to mine did this work?

kernowcat Wed 16-Mar-05 14:22:26

That worked! Looks similar to a house we had in Southampton and we were considering converting that but moved instead!
Do you know any architects or surveys or builders who would look for you?
Or you could phone the planning department at the council as some have info sheets on various projects.

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