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maternity grant

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funkymonkey25 Sun 02-Nov-08 14:25:45

does anyone know how long it takes after sending the maternity grant application in to be given the 500 pound

iarel Sun 02-Nov-08 22:54:10

mine took just over a week, though i have had friends who waited for about 3 weeks

funkymonkey25 Tue 04-Nov-08 12:03:43

thanks i was hoping it would be quick cos my partner has been made redundant and we need the money.

PeachyFizzesLikeADampSquibb Tue 04-Nov-08 12:04:22

About 3 weeks for us (though we claimed on disability not income)

StretchMarkCatherineWheelQueen Tue 04-Nov-08 12:08:43

2 weeks for

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