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If I want to make a complaint about 2 financial institutions, do I ahve to address it with them first? Also is it the FSA I need?

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saltire Thu 30-Oct-08 09:11:27

Some of you may remember we have been trying since July to get our endowment surredered. Due to "FSA guidelines" I ahve had to send off every bit of ID I ahve (just me, not DH). Then we had problems with TSB, we had forms to fill in, then they decided that despite 15 years as customers they didn't have a copy of our signatures to compare it with, so we had to go into a branch armed with every form of ID imagineable. Then they didn't send off all the forms, then Prudential told me last Tuesday that the money would be sent out within 5 working days - so Monday. It's not here.
I'm sick of Prudentials overseas based callc entre staff not being able to understnad what I'm saying, I'm sick of being on hold on 0870 numbers for up to 45 mintues at a time.
I want to complain.

cuttingmeownthroatdibblaaaargh Thu 30-Oct-08 09:16:38

You need to follow through the complaints system of the institution first. When you get to the call centre, ask to speak to the duty manager, then tell them that you wish to be sent a copy of the formal complaints procedure. Have they told you why the money isn't in your account ?

saltire Thu 30-Oct-08 10:26:50

It's been a catalogue of errors fromt eh start. Not helped in any way by the overseas call centre staff, who keep saying "I'm sorry I don't know/understand what you mean". They told us what we ahd to do - which included 2 forms of photographic id (so they could compare it, but what with I don't know) and 2 items with my address on. Then we ahd to get a letter fromt eh bank, but becasue the mortgage is in arrears of £200 form about 3 years agohmm, the money had to go to them, they would take the £200 then pay the rest into our account. That's when we ahd all teh carry on with signatures. Then they discovered they hadn't sent off all the forms, so they did that about 10 days ago. I was then - eventually after much not understanding me - told that the money would be paid to TSB within 5 working days, by cheque, which would take another 5 daysto clear into tehir(TSB's) account, then we would get our money,. They say they still haven't got it(TSB that is), and I am getting seriously pi$$ed off now.
So even if I don't ahve the money yet, then TSB should certainly have it by now

cuttingmeownthroatdibblaaaargh Thu 30-Oct-08 10:38:30

Tell them that they need to do a telegraphic transfer now - make them transfer you to someone senior and tell them that you are seriously annoyed and upset by this, and that this does not come into the FSA's category of 'Treating the customer fairly'. You shouldn't be paying for their mistakes in not sending off the forms.

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