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Wills for single parents, am doing one shortly and i dont know what i need

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jellyjelly Wed 29-Oct-08 10:49:16

I am a sigle parent to a five yr old.

Its will aid next month so i will be making a will.

What sort of things do i need to think about apart from the executors, beneficiaries and guardian.

Is there anything else, i dont want to have to keep having appointments to complete it as i am aware that anything could happen at any time and i want my son to be ok on what would be a hrd time anyways.

All advice apprecaited.

jellyjelly Thu 30-Oct-08 09:25:51


Hulababy Thu 30-Oct-08 09:31:11

The solicitor should guide you through everything step by step and ask all the relevant questions, inc ones you don't think of yourself. The solicitor can suggest ideas too if you are not sure.

You need to consider lots of eventualities - if you die, where does it all go, if your DS (god forbid) went first (or at same time), then where does it go.

Consider property and moneys, and any specific items you might want to bequeath specificially, such as jewellry.

Remember that guardianship is not legally binding. It is just a statement of your wishes. Courts can overrule.

Also you can often put your intents down re your funeral - as to whether your want a burial or cremation.

Hulababy Thu 30-Oct-08 09:35:32

Oh - and consider what might happen in other beneficiaries die before you - what happens then.

And consider in what shares you want your estate divided amongst beneficiaries.

Any charities that you want to beenfit

Any pets need looking after?

You need current fullnames and addresses of any beneficiairies.

Also as your little one is so young consider how and when he ill get his share of the estate - you can consider trusts, etc. for this. Who will be the executors of such a trust?

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