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Child tax credit

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MamaMaiasaura Wed 09-Mar-05 22:42:19

Hi guys. Can someone please help me, I have gone on to the child tax credit site calculator and it has given me an amount i qualify for. I dont know if this is a weekly or monthly figure though.

Can someone help me please

Peckarollover Wed 09-Mar-05 22:42:56

It will be amount for the year until the end of tax year, which is end of april I think>

charliecat Wed 09-Mar-05 22:43:02

Think its yearly could be wrong...

MamaMaiasaura Wed 09-Mar-05 22:52:53

for the year?

Tinker Wed 09-Mar-05 22:54:02

for the tax year

MamaMaiasaura Wed 09-Mar-05 22:55:07

oh.. so if it says £177 it is for now till end of april this year

Tinker Wed 09-Mar-05 22:55:39


Nemo1977 Wed 09-Mar-05 22:55:51

it is the tax yr amount

Tinker Wed 09-Mar-05 22:56:06

well, to 5/4/05

MamaMaiasaura Wed 09-Mar-05 22:56:33

oh.. that is quite good then i think

MamaMaiasaura Wed 09-Mar-05 22:57:07

was going to type on another thread i started as have some more good news

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