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Does anyone know anything about benefits entitlement? Could you help me please?

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cover Fri 24-Oct-08 08:40:13

I've changed my name for this as RL people read MN.

Dh's job my change to part time soon. We cannot afford for him to do it but he is also studying so the extra time would be a godsend for him.
I'm just trying to work out if we would/could make up the shortfall via tax credits, council tax benefit etc.

Ive used the website but I don't think its accurate as I've used it to work out our current situation and we don't get what it says we should.

Do any of you know what I could recieve?
If I called tax credits, will they tell me what I would recieve or will it just be a case of that I could claim for XY and Z and we won;'t know until the piece of paper comes through the door?


ChopsTheDuck Fri 24-Oct-08 08:41:31

if you call tc,. they should be able to give you a rough figure. They are normally pretty accurate too.

Ivvvvyygootscaaared444 Fri 24-Oct-08 08:43:55

Have you told TC about your pension contributaions?

I did the entitledto and of course they asked me about my pension - I didn't get the same amont as the website said. Then I realised that tax credits never asked me about pension contributons and of course then never took it into account and this was why I was getting less. This year I have taken my pension into account and get the same amont as on the website.

cover Fri 24-Oct-08 08:46:59

Oh no I didn't do the pensions bit.
Theres only dh paying into a pension scheme though. I guess I could find out what he's paid in total off his wage slip.

Oh right, so if I call them they might be able to tell me then?
If its going to happen it will be in the next fortnight but I need to to make sure we will be ok, otherwise we would be up s.h.i.t creek without a paddle.

lou031205 Fri 24-Oct-08 09:06:45

entitled to is very accurate. Alternatively you could do it manually:

1.Go to the hmrc site to get the rates. Add up all that apply.

2.Take your total annual income-half of your pension contributions. Deduct the threshold of £6420 from that.

3.Multiply the remaining figure by 0.39 (to get 39% of the remainder).

4.Deduct THIS figure from the total tax credits you worked out in 1.

5.Divide the total you are left with by 52 to get a total rate.

Remember that your Tax Credits will only adjust within the financial year if you phone and inform the TC Office that you have had a change of circumstances.

cover Fri 24-Oct-08 09:26:23

Thank you lou smile
I have just called them and it doesn't seem like we will get anything more, nor will we be entitled to working tax or council tax because dh has already earned a full time wage since April.

But their computers were down so she had to do it from a piece of paper infront of her.
I have to call back on Tuesday to get a better figure.
If its right though, theres no way dh can go part time.

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