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Is it best to stay on top of your credit rating, or is it damaged every time you check?

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singingtree Wed 22-Oct-08 16:46:45

I'm just wondering, I suggested to a colleague applying for a mortgage that she check hers out (when I bought my first flat Experian found someone else with my name and an appalling credit rating and attributed it to me - I nearly lost the flat and vowed that I would keep across it in the future).

She said - but it will damage my credit record to keep checking - and I wondered how true that is. Does anyone know?

singingtree Wed 22-Oct-08 16:56:32

Sorry, can answer my own question [dopey]
"If possible, check all three agencies, there’s no harm, as while doing a check is recorded on your file it does NOT add a ‘search’ so has no impact and an error on any one can cause you a problem.It’s worth doing a check-up roughly every year to 18 months, if time is short, the order of most widespread usage is Experian, Equifax then CallCredit. "

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