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Very profitable morning - I have traced two of DH's pensions

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KatyMac Tue 21-Oct-08 10:06:04

Which is quite good as he is 56 & we are starting to work out what happens then

We have also a possibility of cheap rail travel for DD

So that was worth 3 phone calls wink

ElfOnTheTopShelf Tue 21-Oct-08 18:29:21

Have you ever used the Unclaimed Asset Register?

ElfOnTheTopShelf Tue 21-Oct-08 18:31:56

I feel like I have had a profitable day but only because BG have finally decided to reduce my direct debit by £40 per month

KatyMac Tue 21-Oct-08 19:58:54

Oh that ws another of my profitable (depends on how you look at it) phone calls today - I persuaded BG to reinstate the DD to what it was before they reduced it by £46 hmm

No I did it through the pension service

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