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CCJ and mobile phone contract

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glenthorpe Sat 18-Oct-08 01:40:27

My brother's 23 year old son is unemployed and he has told his parents that he now has an outstanding CCJ against him at their and his address for the non payment of a mobile phone contract.My brother's fix term mortgage comes up for renewal in the first quarter of next year.Is this CCJ against their son going to affect adversely their {the parents}application for a new mortgage?
Thanks for any advice.

mumhadenough Sat 18-Oct-08 11:22:40

It shouldn't do unless the son has the same name as his father, in which case this can cause trouble.

If he does, the parents can apply to have a "notice of disassociation" put on the account to show that it is the son's and not the father's ccj.

Other than that it shouldn't affect the parents.

I used to work for Equifax and put a few on these on files.

glenthorpe Sat 18-Oct-08 12:40:56

Thanks very much,hopefully this will put their minds at rest,at least about the mortgage situation!

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