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Anyone bought shares this week?

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SnoopDog Fri 17-Oct-08 23:09:50

in construction/property/new build?

oops Fri 17-Oct-08 23:10:58

Message withdrawn

Flum Fri 17-Oct-08 23:12:21

Nahhh, bought some shoes though - just doing my bit to boost the economy with a bit of consumer spending....

SnoopDog Fri 17-Oct-08 23:13:21

12.5p each,

cheaper than shoes grin

QuintessentialShadow Fri 17-Oct-08 23:15:12

I probably should have. This week has been the right time to buy the share portfolio I bought 7 years or so ago, and which was doing reasonably well till now. sad

Aitch Fri 17-Oct-08 23:16:19

i'm serious... what would people recommend?

Tiamummy Fri 17-Oct-08 23:16:26

Not in the above, but we've got marks and spencers shares which seem to be doing fairly well at the moment. They went up 5.60% today.

Quattrocento Fri 17-Oct-08 23:17:00

My financial chap was on the blower about it being the perfect time to buy buy buy.

I'm sure he's right. But I'm equally sure that I want to hang on to our pitifully small savings just in case for now.

Why would anyone buy in the property sector though? That's silly - surely the worst is yet to come ...

QuintessentialShadow Fri 17-Oct-08 23:17:50

My dad always said: Dont invest what you cant afford to lose. Wise words.

SnoopDog Fri 17-Oct-08 23:18:16

my mum has/had 1000s in m and s and is now weeping

QuintessentialShadow Fri 17-Oct-08 23:18:24

I think I have lost six figure sums the last month.

SnoopDog Fri 17-Oct-08 23:19:45

well my thinking is a £100 here and there we wont miss

but in a few years if those 12,5p shares rise to £1.25p we will be smile ing

SnoopDog Fri 17-Oct-08 23:20:09

bloody hell quint sad

QuintessentialShadow Fri 17-Oct-08 23:21:35

That would be nice, to see a hundred pounds turn into a thousand pounds. But, considering inflation, and the value of thousand pounds in a few years, is it still worth it.

Sod shares. Sod value. Peace and love.

oops Fri 17-Oct-08 23:21:44

Message withdrawn

QuintessentialShadow Fri 17-Oct-08 23:22:45

no, I cant count, 5 figure sums, so not so bad.

SnoopDog Fri 17-Oct-08 23:27:39

yep quint,

i believe it is,

specially as if they recover to the £3.00 mark they were until recently then the £100 could be nearer £3000,

and that to me is worth the original £100 risk,

i have shares in other building conpanies that are not doing too well at the moment though hmm

QuintessentialShadow Fri 17-Oct-08 23:28:35

100 pounds is not a lot to risk. grin

SnoopDog Fri 17-Oct-08 23:29:54

no more than a weeks shopping at the moment
but dd may be glad of that £100 risk by the time she wants to go to uni grin

oops Fri 17-Oct-08 23:32:45

Message withdrawn

SnoopDog Fri 17-Oct-08 23:42:46


we are always going to want stuff for hopsitals and metals to make stuff with i reckon grin

we are always going to need homes too, new build will some day come back, it has to, it is one of those industries we can not source from else where,

we have to design it, we have to make it, we have to sell it, right here in the uk, no amount of outsourcing will do,

oops Fri 17-Oct-08 23:48:59

Message withdrawn

oops Fri 17-Oct-08 23:53:41

Message withdrawn

SnoopDog Sat 18-Oct-08 00:21:38

...mfi is just about to go bust i've heard and alot of builders/home improvement people are struggling.

prob true, no idea,

...i am sure that i have read that a number of new builds companies have stopped constructon.

mine has, all most all the builders, labours, construction staff have been laied off sad

...So, that makes me think that there is an immediate problem with new builds,

not a problem with new build as such, just a problem with supply, new build is often the first in the chain,

...If the company you invest in can weather this crisis then later they amy well imporve. But how do you know the one you invest in will be the sucessful one.... nobody wants them- that's why they are so cheap,

well, if my bet on the biggest, and second largest goes tits up then so fool me grin

it was only £100 at the end of the day smile

oops Sat 18-Oct-08 08:05:17

Message withdrawn

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