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Would you call credit reference agency? If you were me, of course

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No5 Wed 15-Oct-08 10:29:57

Well, I have been declined for motherf*ingcare card. I dont even need it.
Went to get fabric pen, cost only 1.99 anyway. SA asked if i was interested in MC card. I have card that i had 3 years ago, when dd born, and never ever used it, it still attached to the letter arrived. So i said it to SA, she insisted this is new one, old one is all renewed or cancelled, i can earn points etc.. For some reason i thought oh why not. And we all went thru paper work etc.. off she went to call GEmoney. A few minutes later she comes and says IM SO SORRY MRS X YOUR APPLICATION DECLINED, i felt humilated, embarassed, and angry.

They have no reason to decline although i dont even need that stupid card, its not all about card. We are not in debt, we dont used credit card, i only own debenhams,next card that goes out direct debit and boots, matalan, tesco cards. I dont work, Im SAHM, dh works and earns 50+ in a year. Financially we are happy, and it really irritates me whole MC card thing.

SA gave me contact number for credit reference agency if i want to find out. GH is not bothered, he thinks someone must had bad day at work. He told me not to call and waste time and money for nonesense. But its keep bugging me.
Would you call? Or am i being nuts?

CountessDracula Wed 15-Oct-08 10:36:25

Yes I would
In the current climate you need to be aware of any damage to your credit rating

jellyjelly Wed 15-Oct-08 10:54:32

i wouldnt call them yet. I would sign up for a free credit report from experian and then cacel it after you have seen your score.

If there is nothing on there then call the company that declined if it is still bothering you.

Next time dont bother getting a card which needs a credit search just for the sake of some mothercare points which would take you an age to get anything anyway.

CHOOGIRL Wed 15-Oct-08 21:46:28

Suspect you got declined because you already have MC card - this will show on your search even if you haven't used it. In my experience sales assistants don't tend to know very much about the cards they try and sell. I would advise stay clear of store cards the APR is massive.

No5 Fri 17-Oct-08 19:17:11

Thanks all. I decided not to call. DH and I sure we have no problems in our finance atm. I assume it must be my unused Mothercare card. I shall dig it out and cancel it.
As i said i only have Debenhams card, and Next card which i pays off direct debit.

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