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Digital camera not up to the standard i expected - what can i do?

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doodleboo Sun 12-Oct-08 15:50:28

We bought a digital camera about 4 months ago, a new version of our old one. It has 10 mega pixels etc, but the focus on it is very bad compared to others i have since seen of a similar price.

Is there anything i can do - is it worth going back to Jessops where i bought it and maybe getting a reduced refund, taking into account how long we have used it for.
I am just very disappointed with the quality of picture.

Thanks for reading

ShinyPinkShoes Sun 12-Oct-08 15:55:11

I think it sounds as though the lens maybe isn't as good. I remember something about making sure the optical zoom is strong as well as pixel quality being good or some such advuce ???

zipzap Sun 12-Oct-08 22:50:57

Surely there can't be any harm in going back into where you bought it from and taking example print outs from both cameras to show how the new camera isn't as good as the old one - making sure that you have some similar sets of pix so that it is a valid comparison.

Rather than go in and asking about a refund straight away, take it back and say that you think there is a problem with it, that the focus isn't working right, can they check it out for you and fix it so it does work. If you happen to have got a duff camera would you be happy to have the same one again if it worked properly? If possible try to avoid times when they are really busy so that you can have somebody who can help you without causing them problems.

Can't remember the actual wording you need to use (try looking on trading standards, the citizen's advice bureau or websites etc) but it's something along the lines of reasonable quality. Timelines - although some time has passed, try to say that you don't use the camera much or very often and that you were willing to give it the benefit of the doubt as you were trying to learn to use it but it hasn't been getting better and then you needed to get to the shop, hence it has taken this [reasonable, explained, expected!] time. If you are not going to be able to get to the shop soon, give them a call and say you have a problem with your camera, what do you do about sorting out the problem under the guarantee, so that you can be seen to be pro-activly trying to sort the problem.

If they think that you are just trying to get money back from them they might be less willing to help than if it appears that you really want to try to get a camera that works if you see what I mean.

good luck...

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