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Farking Scottish Power! I think this is illegal, technically?

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nickytwoooohtimes Sat 11-Oct-08 19:11:43

The farkers.
We changed suppliers on th e11th September because of the carry on we have had with them since we moved in 3 years ago and also because we were able to get a better deal with someone else who has better customer service.
Anyhoo, we cancelled our dd and they owe us arund £150 as we were paying monthly.
Today, we found out they have, without our consent, opened 2 new accounts for our house and started taking money our by two dd! Afaik, this is illegal, isn't it.
DH is spitting venom. God help the person he speaks to on Monday.

Saturn74 Sat 11-Oct-08 19:14:19

email energywatch asap.
not worth the stress trying to talk to supplier direct.
let energywatch do it for you.
i still have nightmares about british gas.

nickytwoooohtimes Sat 11-Oct-08 19:17:25

Thanks HC.
How long did it take you to get everything sorted? Sorry to induce post-traumatic-stress on you here!

Saturn74 Sat 11-Oct-08 19:27:01

No worries. grin
Once Energywatch got involved, we got a refund within 2 weeks.
We had been battling with BG for almost five months up til then. angry

expatinscotland Sat 11-Oct-08 19:27:46

they are fucking robbin' bastards.

Saturn74 Sat 11-Oct-08 19:27:48

oooh, plus some extra money for phone calls, stamps, poor customer service etc.
demand something for that too.

nickytwoooohtimes Sat 11-Oct-08 19:29:25

expat, you took the words out of my (and dh's) mouth!
Yes HC, we will do that too.

lal123 Mon 13-Oct-08 20:58:48

Surely its your bank who are in the wrong - allowing an unauthorised direct debit to be taken? I'd ask them why they let money be taken from your account.

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