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Solicitors or judges in portsmouth or nearest surrounding areas can you...............

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TheJackoLanternMuggle Thu 09-Oct-08 18:13:48

Help me: I'm currently at college studying for a diploma in Legal Administration, i'm going on todo A-Level Law, A-Level Economics and A-Level Critical thinking. In March 09 for 2 weeks, i need a work experience placement. I would be really grateful if you could help me.


TheJackoLanternMuggle Thu 09-Oct-08 18:21:05

I'm 25 and have gone back to college for a career change - i have a CV i can forward to you aswell.

mumoverseas Fri 10-Oct-08 06:09:02

I'm not in the portsmouth area but I am in the position of trying to get work experience for my son who has just done GCSE Law (aged 15) and thinks he wants to be a lawyer.
I'd suggest you send your cv and covering letter to some of the larger law firms in your area in the hope they can offer you something. Many large firms to take on work experience students quite reguarly. Good luck

TheJackoLanternMuggle Fri 10-Oct-08 08:49:33

MOS - thanks i've already done that but they just haven't replied yet in over a month. i'm trying again but i want to put it out here just incase - and the work experience office is looking but they have a lot of students to place and not many firms in the area iykwim.

Thanks and good luck to your son

mumoverseas Fri 10-Oct-08 10:45:16

don't give up on them though TJoLM, many firms have time set aside to offer work experience and just because you haven't heard doesn't mean your cv is not in a pile to be considered. Just a thought, but have you tried writing to the CPS (crown prosecution service) in your area as apparently they offer work experience, as do some of the larger Courts so it may be worth writing to them.

TheJackoLanternMuggle Fri 10-Oct-08 12:55:13

Have started writing letters to both courts in portsmouth, and chichester, would go via train to southampton courts to.

I didn't know the CPS would do work experience, so thanks for that, i'll get that drafted later.

So what speciality does your son want to do?

mumoverseas Fri 10-Oct-08 16:03:34

He is not sure what he wants to do yet. He thought about family but I'm trying to talk him about of it as the money is rubbish! He was interested in crime so during the summer I deposited him at the local magistates court and he sat in the public gallery a few times which he found interesting. I think I'll try to steer him into where the money is, ie corporate/commercial then he can look after me in my old age!
What area do you want to go into or have you not decided yet?

TheJackoLanternMuggle Sun 12-Oct-08 10:23:48

Either corporate or probate - as thats where the money is. Criminal theres not alot of money in, although is really interesting. if i worked in criminal law i'd preferably like to work for CPS.

I'm off to court on thurday, which will be interesting. and am off to Old Bailey with college in dec which i'm really looking forward to.

Does your son want to be a solicitor or a barrister?

mumoverseas Sun 12-Oct-08 13:50:57

he wants to be a barrister although I've warned him that the first few years will be difficult until he gets a reputation and gets 'known' by local solicitors.
Not sure probate is where the money is? Didn't used to be but I guess people are still dying when not many are buying houses so perhaps you are right?
enjoy Court, my son did and the Old Bailey should be fun

TheJackoLanternMuggle Sun 12-Oct-08 15:18:19

Thanks - yeah a barrister is alot of hard work, will be well worth it in the end tho!

mumoverseas Sun 12-Oct-08 15:32:33

Yeah, particularly as he has promised to look after me in my old age once he is rich and famous! Apparently that is supposed to make me feel better about the fact he is/has persuaded me to let him go to a £8,000 a term sixth form college next year!

TheJackoLanternMuggle Sun 12-Oct-08 16:16:43

WOW! i should expect he would look after you after that lol!

I don't want to be famous, rich however would be nice

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