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built new wall, now in trouble

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boobless Thu 09-Oct-08 18:13:25

hi there, any help is welcome

About 4 years ago the house next door (terraced) was bought by a couple who now rent it out threw a letting agent to the local council, the tenants are young girls who have just been released from prison and are on ankle tags for curfews (there are 5 tenenats) about 18months ago the ladies had a party which overflowed into the front garden which is only 5ft (w) by 5ft (d) and the dividing wall between the two houses was damaged quite badly - shortly after we asked the agent/maintenance to have a look as the wall was very unstable, they came and screwed the bricks that had moved, back together and put metal angle brackets at the bottom brick secured to the pathway on their side and our side, apart from being unsightly the wall was still unsafe if you lent on it or bumped it, it rocked back and forth - i appreciate anyone saying, dont push it then but i have an 8yr old boy and a 2yrold girl and 2 dogs - i contacted the house owner who came round, he said he was not interested and if its a problem knock it down ? as i have the dogs i didnt want this to happen in case they or the kids escape and accidents occur, he then said ok build a new one and bill the maintenance people ?? but about 3 weeks ago my dog jumped up to look over the wall and the top third of the bricks were knocked over, the maintenance came round and screwed them back together. That weekend my husband removed the wall completelyand we employed a bricklayer to come and build a new wall, we then paid the bill but sent a copy to the agent to reimburse us, since then they have refused to pay us back and have said they are going to sue us for damaging their property on purpose and removing the existing wall without permission. we have checked the deeds and it is the neighbours wall.

sorry this is so long but i am getting in such a state over it, i cant think straight.
please advise me if you can.

nannyL Thu 09-Oct-08 20:34:49

i dont know anything at all about your legal position but in my opinion you have done what is morally correct, and i also think they shoulc pay you for the new wall

i think they should think themselves lucky that you are sueing them for injuries caused to you, becuase their wall fell on you which it sounds like couldhave easily happened

OldLadyKnowsNothing Thu 09-Oct-08 23:18:31

Send the bill to the houseowner and let him deal with the agency. Copy it to the Council, since their tenants were responsible.

Sam100 Thu 09-Oct-08 23:33:01

You might find this website useful.


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