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long shot, leashold building drain problem anyone know....

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hulahoops Thu 09-Oct-08 13:48:09

i have a buy to let property, building has 3 flats, mine is on the first floor, other 2, ground and 2nd...

there seems to be a blockage in the pipes and it's spilling out of a whole in the wall on the ground floor (air vent next to it is blocked too), its not pleasant....

anyway, who would be responsible? the flat that is causing the blockage or all 3 flats as it's a shared main sewage drain??

looks like its a big problem and walls will have to come down to investigage and clear the blockage... ARGH!

currently 2nd floor and ground floor flat are pointing the finger at my property!!!

any experience of this and advise would be greatly appreciated! thanks

LittlePushka Fri 10-Oct-08 01:24:58

If your property is a leashold property rather than a freehold, then read your lease.

Common conduits (like drains/water pipes/air vents) serving all 3 properties are likely to be reparable by the party upon whose land they fall but ath the joint cost of all properties using them.

However, it is the lease which governs the position.

hulahoops Fri 10-Oct-08 15:06:52

thanks, very useful! i'll look into our lease.. meeting neighbours tomorrow

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