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DP did some work but hasn't been paid-ANY advice would be very appreciated!

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EdieMcredie Mon 06-Oct-08 17:32:28

DP is starting out as a plasterer. After a bit of a rough ride when he had no work, he rang a number on Gumtree and got some work through a plastering contractor. He did 5 days work and is owed £500. This is way below what he is worth, but this is what he said he wanted as he is not very confident (although a great plasterer). He started the work 18th Sep. Was supposed to get paid last Fri but didn't. ThIs Fri just gone still nothing. Lots and lots of calls to the boss of the firm who has either always got phone switched off or it goes to answerphone after ringing.

What do we do? DP is going to go to the site if there is still no pay in his bank this coming Friday but if it gets as far as trying to take this bloke to court, how can DP even prove he worked for him??


Seabright Mon 06-Oct-08 18:02:22

Does he have the address of the contractor? If so, send a recorded delivery letter stating what he did, when, how much he's owed and give him 14 days to pay up or that you're starting a small claims court proceeding.

Small Claims Court is a special proceedure for small amounts which can be handled faster than a "normal" claim. It's designed to be used without solicitors, so you just pay the Court Fee (which you get back if you win). You may be able to do virtually all of it on line.

As for evodence, your DP can make a statement as can the person for whom he did the work (I mean the owner of the property, not the contractor). The contractor then has his say and the case is decided.

EdieMcredie Mon 06-Oct-08 18:08:27

That's great, he is going to try and get an address. For the time being all he has is a mobile number for contact. He think the company is called PAL. We don't get much joy when we type this into google.

Thanks so much!

EdieMcredie Mon 06-Oct-08 19:05:27

Any other advice??

EdieMcredie Wed 08-Oct-08 16:33:57

This man still isn't answering his phone.

We cannot afford to lose £500. He was working on a site, is going to go down there Friday to see if they are there but if they have gone I guess we wave goodbye to the money.

Still no joy trying to find an address sad

Seabright Thu 09-Oct-08 14:25:31

There is a company called PAL Ltd registered at Companies House, but I've looked at it and it's a dormant shelf company by the looks of it.

Have you tried googling the phone number? What about the man's name on If he's on the open electoral roll that should find him. If you do find him you can see if he owns the address he lives at by checking on the Land Registry website - if you win at the Small Claims Court and he doesn't pay you can attach the debt to his house.

I used to be an Enquiry Agent (finding debtors) and am now a lawyer, so come back if you need more help.

edam Thu 09-Oct-08 14:28:27

Bugger. Sorry. Seabright's advice is good. You could also try calling Trading Standards - ask if they are aware of any complaints about this man/firm. THey can't help your dh get paid but if you do find there are lots of complaints from dissatisfied customers, at least you'll know the worst. And they might have contact details.

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