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divorce and emotional Blackmail

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Catol Sun 05-Oct-08 17:26:03

I am new to this but thought it may help me.I am divorcing my husband because of an affair he was having. I tried to forgive him but found out he was still in touch with her. I have moved away to start a new life and have the support of my family.
Thing is he is now saying that i do not deserve any maintenance as i left and is unwilling to pay a decent amount for our child. he tells me that i ripped the family apart as i left and he hopes that i can live with what i am doing to him - i asked him if our child was happy and he went ballistic as he knows that they are. he now says he will tell his solicitor and try and make a big deal of it - he is trying to be the victim He is trying to get me to agree with things even though my solicitor has told him to stop. He tries to scare my by saying he will take our child away.Iam scared of his lies and of him. Has anyone had to deal with this?

watsthestory Sun 05-Oct-08 17:29:14

Message withdrawn

mumoverseas Mon 06-Oct-08 06:51:47

have answered this one on the relationships thread

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