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Have you noticed the 30-40% rise in gas/leccy prices yet - I have!

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glasjam Thu 02-Oct-08 16:42:44

I rent a 2 bed flat and because it's old, draughty and has very ancient, inefficient radiators, our heating bills have always been expensive. We've started to pay by dd to spread the cost a bit and our dd has gone up from £132 per month to £186 per month!! Anyone else pay anywhere near this much for a similar sized property? Our kitchen and bathroom are tiny but our living room is pretty enormous (with a vaulted ceiling - it used to be the old billiard room of the house originally) - its a conversion. The rent is pretty reasonable at £600 per month but the fuel bills almost make me think we'd be better off moving - unfortunately we can't actually afford to move.

Our leccy is £60 per month but haven't as yet been informed as to whether this is going to be hiked up. We also live in Scotland so have probably had our heating on a lot more than those of you from down south!

I live in the house with my partner and 2 kids who are both under 4.

SaintRiven Thu 02-Oct-08 16:45:40

yes. Am petrified this year. We barely managed last year just heating one room. dd is quadrplegic so must be kept warm.
Maybe I'll get 'call me Dave' round to spout hot air grin

DaisySteiner Thu 02-Oct-08 17:13:26

I'd seriously shop around. I've managed to find a supplier whose prices means our energy bills will barely rise at all (which probably means I've been with a too-expensive supplier for years!)

expatinscotland Thu 02-Oct-08 17:16:44

ooooo, yes!

our electricity provider is pretty reasonable: Scottish HydroElectric. FAR better than our old provider, Scottish Power, who were robbing bastards.

for gas, however, we have LPG - no mains out here - and the landlord rents the tank so we're not able to shop round. not that it makes much difference because only Calor provides gas round here. if you're oil-fired you're on Shell.

this is an old, drafty house, too, built around 1900.

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