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Someone has taken out a home insurance policy on my house

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StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Wed 01-Oct-08 21:32:50

and have defaulted on payments. I got a letter today from HSBC addressed to someone I don't know. Address is 100% correct, name is a very foreign name and there is nobody likely to have a name like that who lives in the village. The people who lived here before lived here for 20 years.

The letter was saying that HSBC hare cancelling the policy and this person's ability to take out future insurance may be affected. So I was worried our address will be on a credit blacklist and rang HSBC who have said they will sort it out and not to worry.

But why would someone do this, is it some type if id theft where they're using our address for dodgy reasons?

Flibbertyjibbet Wed 01-Oct-08 21:38:59

I suspect that it might have come from the same people as all the emails that I have received the last few days supposedly from the HSBC saying that things have been cancelled/please confirm your details etc etc. With a link to click to go and confirm my 'details'. I rang HSBC and got the email address to forward things like that to.
I think they will have told you they'll sort it out as they would look rather foolish saying 'oh yes its a scam'.
Did you ring a number on the letter or your actual hsbc number? I wonder if you rang the number on the letter would they try to get all sorts of personal information out of you to 'prove' that the insurance wasn't taken out by you?

Very cynical, me - can you tell wink

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Wed 01-Oct-08 21:43:26

Its a genuine HSBC phone number and letter. They didn't try to get any details out of me - I just told them the ref number of the letter and that this bloke didn't live here. They didn't ask me for my name and they confirmed the address, I didn't tell them it.

Flibbertyjibbet Thu 02-Oct-08 16:15:02

Oh good. I've had another two rubbish emails from someone pretending to be HSBC this morning!!
I'd ring and tell hsbc but I'll just get a call centre and passed around and end up getting irritated.

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 02-Oct-08 16:43:46

Flibberty - do you have that email address, as I am getting those aswell.

Flibbertyjibbet Thu 02-Oct-08 17:52:15

No I haven't rung hsbc because
I am not one of their customers so would have to arse about finding a number for them.
I'd get a call centre and possibly not be able to understand what the person at the other end is asking me as they go through lots of questions that they have to ask before they put me through to anyone, even though the questions are irrelevant to someone who does not bank with them.
I am already close to killing someone today having a bad cold, lost my voice and its my 'day off' with my two ds's aged 3 and 2 and they are sooo taking advantage of mummy having no voice!!!! I am debating whether to barricade myself in the bathroom with laptop and earplugs in till dp gets home.

(rant over)
so, er, no I don't have an email address!

LIZS Thu 02-Oct-08 17:56:03

how long have you been there . Could someone else have put a policy on risk having made an offer on the house or got a mortgage offer before you , then not cancelled it all ? Or maybe used a search engine to get quotes for some reason ?

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 02-Oct-08 17:56:53

Sorry thought you said you had in a previous post, my mistake.

trefusis Thu 02-Oct-08 17:58:25

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Thu 02-Oct-08 18:00:22

we're being stalked by Tim Curry

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Fri 03-Oct-08 16:41:41

We've been here over 5 years. The policy was actually taken out and bank acc details given, but now HSBC can't get money via a direct debit from ths guy's account.

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 03-Oct-08 16:45:36

We have mail order gun and mail order porn vid catalogues come to ours for the attention of an N Corless. I have to bin them when they arrive because DH will want to read them otherwise grin

No amount of "Not known at this address" returns seems to have got through.

TheArmadillo Fri 03-Oct-08 16:48:37

according to dp (who does insurance) this kinda of thing is happening, but they;re not entirely sure why. It is a scam, not unknown.

Maybe they want official letter as proof of address for something? But then it probably wouldn;t be enough. I have heard of people setting up and paying gas/electric bills, usually at empty houses to do this.

HSBC probably have a policy to deal with this - check up in a week or 2 with them to see if it has been sorted.

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