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Now I know inflation is running away with us ... but my home insurance renewal has just gone up by *74%*!

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firsttimemama Wed 01-Oct-08 02:35:33

I don't live in a flood risk area and I haven't made a claim - surely this can't be right?

RambleOn Wed 01-Oct-08 03:17:59

I think 'renewal' is the key word here!

They usually give you a good premium initailly to get your business, then ramp it up the following year, thinking that you'll be too lazy to change insurers.

Have you had a shop around?

twentypence Wed 01-Oct-08 03:19:24

I would ring them and point this out. When I worked in insurance we had limiters on the renewals premiums to stop ridiculous inflations like this.

firsttimemama Wed 01-Oct-08 03:25:49

I will be in touch them. But I am speechless at the increse. Thanks for replies.

Helennn Wed 01-Oct-08 09:46:00

Please look at web-site. Click on insurance tab at top and have a read. It will more than likely save you a fortune.

You may need to register for a cash-back site like Quidco, but if you do you can get up to about £120 back from the insurance company. I have saved a fortune doing my insurance this way.

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