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virgin active BEWARE! rant!

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sunshine185 Tue 30-Sep-08 20:08:31

I am absolutely disgusted!! just had a call on my mobile fom a debt collector. apparently my letter to the gym in May cancelling my membership(i've had since 2005) did not suffice. why they didn't write back to me advising of their procedure baffles me!! anyway he demanded over £200 from me as they are starting legal proceedings against me as they couldn't get hold of me!! uhm forwarding address on my letter...

worse still, just found out from debt collector that every 12 months my contract renews (not rolls) and they are being kind by not demanding payment (£700) for the remainder of the year!!!

probably will pay what they want purely as i'm pregnant and can't deal with this stress....

BUT ARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHH! sorry had to rant... i am fuming

ZZMum Tue 30-Sep-08 20:11:07

I had same thing from them and held firm... do not give in - contact them and discuss. I did not pay a penny.

sunshine185 Tue 30-Sep-08 20:32:21

thanks zzmum, had they referred you to a debt recovery agency? they were very threatening....

LynetteScavo Tue 30-Sep-08 20:37:17

That do not tell anyone, it seems that thier membership can only be cancelled once every 12 months. hmm

I know a few people who have been caught out.

ZZMum Tue 30-Sep-08 21:37:03

they did refer me to a debt agency - but I called them up and told them that i had cancelled my membership by email -- they could not find it and did hassle for a couple of months. I contacted agency and told them what had happened and they did not contact me again...

I did not cancel within the first year though -- after which you can cancel with a months notice..

sunshine185 Wed 01-Oct-08 00:14:02

thanks! debt agency told me that procedure to cancel was via a form at the gym and my letter did not count, but surely they could have written back to me to at least advise to my new address!

i cancelled my dd beg june so they have moved quick!

anyway going to see them tomorrow with bump and ds, better not be raining... so annoying as i can't sleep now!

i joined them in 2005!

overdraft Thu 02-Oct-08 11:55:59

I have too been caught out by these cruel tossers. We were under the impressin that you had to have the membership for a year and then you could cancel. We tried to cancel a couple of months ago and they wont let us. Our fault I know as we didn't read the small print.

They said we had to write in and cancel. We cant cancel until March next year sad. Do you know, they haven't even mentioned a form that we need to fill in. I do not trust them one bit . Thanks for your thread . I will get the forms next time I pass.

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