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National Insurance for a SAHM?

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LaTrucha Mon 22-Sep-08 16:24:50

I've recently given up my job to look after my DD. I want to continue to make NI contributions, but I don't know who to write to to find out about this. Does anyone know how I'd start?

BTW, I've already used up the five years exempt you get being a student, doing a PhD etc..

LaylaandSethsmum Mon 22-Sep-08 16:27:04

Don't think you can pay contributions if you're not working. Could be, probably am, wrong though...

I know you could years ago.

MissisBoot Mon 22-Sep-08 16:27:59

I asked the job centre about this when I was claiming as I wanted make make sure I kept my contributions up and they said that as I was recieving child benefit it would be covered through this?

No idea how or when so will be watching this post

ComeOVeneer Mon 22-Sep-08 16:28:49

I haven't worked and continue to pay them. I had it set up as a direct debit and jsut left it going. Mind you I was self employed. Not sure how you would go about it though.

Mercy Mon 22-Sep-08 16:34:28

Have a look at this re Home Responsibilities Protection

LaylaandSethsmum Mon 22-Sep-08 16:34:52

Actually I have found this about class 3 contributions if you are not employed or self employed maybe this is what you are after?

scaryteacher Mon 22-Sep-08 17:12:30

OK, the rules are like this. If you are getting child benefit, then you are eligible for Home Responsibilities Protection, which means that you are credited with years towards your pension, until your child reaches 14 (the rules have recently changed), when you are either expected to be back in work, or pay voluntary contributions.

Ring the DWP who will be able to tell you the exact rules; and are very helpful.

MrsTittleMouse Mon 22-Sep-08 17:14:56

I phoned up too to check that I didn't have a deficit and the woman I spoke to was really helpful. I was told that NI was paid until the youngest child was 6, but that was over a year ago, so the rules might have changed.

LaTrucha Mon 22-Sep-08 17:31:02

That's very useful. Thankyou. I'll phone them tomorrow and post on here for MissisBoot and anyone else interested.

LaTrucha Mon 22-Sep-08 17:37:51

Ooo actually, if you look at the link that Mercy left, it looks like it's more a matter of filling in a form. I haven't read it yet, but if there's anything awkward I'll let you know. Otherwis eit just looks like a question of downloading the form.

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