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Am doing DH's accounts, not sure about it as part of the year he was PAYE, any experts out there?

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CatMandu Tue 16-Sep-08 17:34:02

DH was self employed from Apr - end of Aug 07. He started his job in Sept 07 and has been PAYE ever since.

What does this mean tax wise?

I am about to do his accounts for him, do I only include receipts for expenses during the time he was self employed? Will the fact he'll have been paying PAYE for part of the tax year make any difference to his self employed tax?

Also do you know how much he's allowed for working from home to cover heating/lighting etc?

SunshineSmith Tue 16-Sep-08 17:39:59

That's right only expenses for when he was self employed.
Don't even try heating from april to august... they will pick it up and sting you!
All depends in the kind of industry he is in.

Sorry I cannot help much but try to be quite honest with the expenses...there are so many rules out there...

Good luck! x

CatMandu Tue 16-Sep-08 17:43:26

Ah yes, hadn't thought about the heating. I've just been doing mine and I work from home all year around. Our accountant mentioned something about adding something towards home office - that's what I meant really.

Will be honest with expenses, but equally don't want to forget anything. I guess I'm hoping that there will be some offsetting of his PAYE, but think I may have imagined it hmm.

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