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Legal issues with new name and premium bonds query

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cupcakesinthesnow Tue 16-Sep-08 14:06:19

I recently married and had intended to change my name (as our children have their fathers/my husbands surname) However I am not sure if it's more of a hassle to do so. If I change my name for my bank accounts and driving licence and my passport when it needs renewing next year, do I need to change the name on my Premium Bonds certificates?

With regards to Premium Bonds and the current inflations issues, I am concerned the money in binds is losing too much value so would it be more prudent to cash in those binds and put into the highest interest savings account I can find for now and possibly buy more when the economy is mre settled?

Housemum Wed 17-Sep-08 00:31:36

You would need to change name on bonds as otherwise cheque would be in the wrong name if you won - easy enough to do though.

As to whether to keep or hold, obviously there is the chance of a big win one day, but for a rough idea of probabilities got to and somewhere on the site is a calculator that compares the probability of winning a premium bond prize of varying amounts with the amount you'd earn in a savings account.

mumoverseas Thu 18-Sep-08 10:57:40

I've just (finally!) got around to changing the name on my premium bonds after getting married 3 years ago! If you look at the paperwork you have with your bonds (if you can find it!) there is a form to fill in setting out your change of name and you just send it off. To be on the safe side and avoid queries I sent a copy of my marriage certificate too.
Ref passport, well worth doing that (and everything else really) as you may experience problems in the future if you are travelling on your own with kids. I know of someone who had problems flying to the USA with kids who had dad's surname and it raised all sorts of problems about the different surname, ie 'are you sure they are your children'! Just get a few certified copies of your marriage certificate (solicitors will do them for a few pounds) and send them off. Pain in a* but well worth doing now to save grief later.
Ref cashing in bonds. I've decided to keep mine as interest rates so rubbish and at least there is still the chance of a win!

fortyplus Thu 18-Sep-08 11:03:01

You can go on their website to tell them about changes. I recently did this with some bonds that my Grandma gave me in 1961 - we hadn't lived at that house since 1966 but it was no problem. I didn't even have the bonds - they were stolen along with my dad's wallet in the 70's.

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