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Parking tickets despite disable badge - anyone know where I can get legal advice?

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Easy Wed 23-Feb-05 20:02:21

Okay, so back in November I parked on a single yellow line, with my badge, and moved my car within 1 3/4 hours, (the limit is 3 hrs)Badge and clock displayed correctly, no loading lines on the street, I have parked there before without penalty. I got a parking ticket. I wrote, explaining the facts. Last week I got a letter back saying the ticket was correctly issued (altho' not explaining why), and saying I now have to pay double the fine, now £60.

Today I parked in town, at 9:15, moved the car at 11:00, then went back and parked in the same street at 2:15. I've got a ticket saying the car was parked there between 9:15 and 2:25 (when they issued the ticket). So it's another one to contest, but the city council in Nottingham only allow 1 letter of appeal, which I bet they reject.

What do I do?

Easy Thu 24-Feb-05 09:35:20

no one then?

tiptop Thu 24-Feb-05 10:07:27

Easy - I don't know the answer to this but wanted to bump it up for you. Also, I've been to the local Citizens Advice Bureau office recently. Can you try their website? Or that of the Disability Rights Commission


Pinotmum Thu 24-Feb-05 10:19:38

I feel that you are automatically rejected on appeal and that they never give an explanation so that you are likely to do it again as you don't know what you've done wrong iyswim. Write to your local paper and local MP. Can you go to tribunal? At least if you appeal in this brough the fine is held till a decision is reached (always against you I might add). BTW I am not a badge holder but I do feel strongly about issue of parking tickets without recourse.

Easy Thu 24-Feb-05 10:26:40

Thanks Pinotmum.

Yes I'm writing this morning to contest yesterday's ticket. I am NOT going to pay the fine on the ticket from November. Apparently, when I fail to pay, I will get a letter stating the formal appeal procedure, so no doubt I will have to attend some sort of hearing.

The thing about yesterdays ticket, is that I was parked elsewhere in the city centre during the intervening hours. Will another traffic warden hae a record of that I wonder?

granarybeck Thu 24-Feb-05 13:37:08

Disability Rights Commission, their helpline is on their website think is

moschops Thu 24-Feb-05 19:53:39

don't you get a booklet telling you where the badge entitles you to park?

i was told a disabled badge allowed you to park on double yellows but NOT a single yellow line. as far as i know all these conditions should be in the accompanying booklet.

to be honest different traffic wardens/police will issue tickets in different circumstances. definitely contact your local MP. you deserve an explanation of why they issued the ticket.

(if you did break the conditions of use for your bagde then they should at least have the courtesy to explain this is why you were issued the ticket. if you didn'tbreak any such conditions then fight them!!!)

Freckle Thu 24-Feb-05 20:01:01

Do you have any evidence of where you were between parking for the first and second times? E.g. a shop receipt showing that you were somewhere completely different.

Easy Thu 24-Feb-05 22:25:41

Moschops, Yes I do have a booklet, and I have held a badge for the last 20 years (orange before they turned blue), so I'm pretty sure I know the rules by now. I have parked in that place before, with no penalty.

BTW in England the rules should be that you can park on a dsingle or double yellow line, provided there are no loading restrictions (the little yellow marks they put on the edge of the curb), and providing you are not causing an obstruction. I believe in Scotland they may be different

Easy Thu 24-Feb-05 22:30:54

Freckle, during the intervening period my car was parked just 3 streets away, so I could go back into the office where I'm working just now, without leaving my car in a restricted area for more than the designated time.

The problem is that I'm working 3 days a week in the city centre right now. When I can get a proper pay-and-display space I use it, when I can't I use my disabled badge cos the nearest proper car park is too far for me to walk. If Nottingham City Council are going to start making up their own rules, and fining me £30 if I break them, it won't be worth me working.

jofeb04 Fri 25-Feb-05 11:28:40

Just seen this, and thought i can try to help you.
Was it the council wardens or the traffic wardens (some councilcs have taken traffic wardens on instead of through the police).
For the first one, you stated you were on a single yellow line etc, but were you causing an obstruction etc or in a taxi rank etc, as even though you have a disabled badge, you will know you cant actually do that. The reason I am asking is my hubby is a PCSO. If you want to CAT me, please do.

tamula Sun 27-Feb-05 11:42:42


sorry about your predicament.

Not sure if this will be any use to you as its the London one, but maybe?

There's also this fee paying service thats supposed to be guranteed to get you off, I dont have experience of it but maybe?


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