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Gotta have a rant about benefits

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tammybear Wed 23-Feb-05 10:07:51

I am sick to death of them!!! They're suppose to bloody help not piss me off even more than I already am. A few weeks ago I had a letter sent through saying I was given too much Income Support, now Ive got a f**king letter saying Ive been given too much f**king tax credit when I was with ex!!! Im f**king sick to death of it, I just feel like telling them to f**k off now with what theyre giving me until theyre 100% f**king sure thats what Im f**king entitled to!! Ive asked ex to see if he can find out what he was earning in that period. But also I split up with him then, so I then went onto Income Support myself during that period. Im just so bloody annoyed with this whole stupid crap that they keep giving me! Im not getting any bloody Housing Benefit at the moment, cos they cancelled it cos I started my job and Ive had to reapply for it, so Im not gonna have enough money for everything on Monday when everything goes out. Im just so bloody annoyed!!!!! Rant over

SeaShells Wed 23-Feb-05 10:39:17

Can I join you in this rant?

I've just had letters through 1.Was overpaid housing benefit at last house, now have to pay it back 2.Have been overpaid housing benefit /council tax benefit at this house, now benefit is being reduced till I pay it all back 3.Have been overpaid tax credits, payments being reduced till it's paid back!

All they seem to do is overpay you, you get used to that amount of money coming in, then they say they've over paid you, and reduce your benefit to retrieve the overpayment, plus reduce it down to what they say you're entitled to, leaving you unable to manage!

Because we are entitled to (don't remember exact amounts) £5000 tax credits per year, when the housing benefit work out our money they say right they're getting £5000 tax credits, when in actual fact we are only getting about £3000 because our payments are reduced because we were overpaid last year, so our money comes way short each week of what the government says we are supposed to be living off! We are getting our hb reduced by £8.40 per week to pay back the overpayment, we have to pay back £10 per week for the overpayment of hb at last house, it's so s**t!!!!

Think the problem has got worse since family credit changed to tax credits because in the past they decided in advance what they were going to give you and that was what you got, now they pay you then at the end of the tax year they work out what your income actually was for that year and finalise your claim, so because my partner earned more than he expected last year, not only do we have to pay that excess back but our tax credits have been reduced for this year so it's double crap!

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