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Are you looking to buy a house then you need PROPERTY BEE

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sarkin Wed 10-Sep-08 12:41:09

Ok guys if you are looking to buy a house get this instald on your pc. The software scrapes rightmove web site and will tell you everytime the vendor drops the price. Below is an example of how the data is displayed. The information is also shared between other users so if you go to a house that has been looked at by another property bee user you will also be able to see the price drops and share data.

07 September 2008

* Price changed: from '£204,950' to '£194,950'

29 June 2008

* Price changed: from '£219,950' to '£204,950' [Found by sarkin]

04 June 2008

* Price changed: from 'Offers in Region of £234,950' to '£219,950' [Found by sarkin]

29 April 2008

* Subtitle changed: from '3 bedroom detached' to '3 bedroom house' [Found by sarkin]

10 March 2008

* Subtitle changed: from '3 bedroom house' to '3 bedroom detached' [Found by pricedoutindorset]

09 March 2008

* Price changed: from 'Offers in Excess of £240,000' to 'Offers in Region of £234,950' [Found by sarkin]

26 January 2008

* Initial entry found. [Found by pricedoutindorset]

fiodyl Wed 10-Sep-08 23:07:09

Been using Property Bee for the last few months its a great add-on.

So far seen a few huge drops and plenty of smaller £20-£30k in my area.

It also works for rental properties too.

sarkin Thu 11-Sep-08 10:00:39

Hi fiodyl

Yes property bee is one of the best peicea of software I have used that is free.

We have been waiting to buy knowing that prices would crash and this bit of kit is fantastic.

You can find all the distreesed sellers and nail the price even further, the opposite of sellers gazumping.

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