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Any Tax credit boffs out there can help me work out my changing childcare costs so I can keep them informed like they ask...

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MrsWicket Mon 08-Sep-08 14:43:25

DD1 has just started school but I'm still paying for pick ups and drop offs.

DD2 now qualifies for subbed pre-school sessions 39 weeks of the year.

How do I start working out how much less I will be paying for the rest of the financial year? Eek - sorry maths was never my strong point (feeble excuse I know). Cheers!

busymum1 Mon 08-Sep-08 21:56:02

dd1 total amount of hours per week x hourly rate x 38 weeks a year
14weeks are non school weeks so may pay more
dd2 39 weeks x £?
plus 13 weeks at full rate
add it all together will be yearly ammount

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