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tuxedo pre paid card. do you have one? Any problems with them?

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tortoise Sun 07-Sep-08 20:55:03

I can't have a debit/credit card due to bankruptcy.
Have been looking at the Tuxedo card and wondering if there are any problems with them?

I think the PAYG on will suit me best because i won't be using it that much but it will make things easier if i can buy things online that can't get from a shop. And i guess i could do supermarket online shop too which would make things much easier for me.

Any advice gratefully received. smile

tortoise Sun 07-Sep-08 22:09:21


tortoise Mon 08-Sep-08 18:42:05


cargirl Mon 08-Sep-08 18:44:54

never heard of them, have you looked on line reviews - have you checked out what say about them, they would surely know?

tortoise Mon 08-Sep-08 20:40:50

I couldn't find much info on mse. I have been reading the tuxed website and it all looks ok but i don't want to get something that might not end up being good.
tuxedo This one is the Sun one which was metioned on mse.

CarGirl Mon 08-Sep-08 20:53:12

I don't like the look of all the fees you have to pay, that is obviously how they make their money but you'd have to weigh up carefully how much extra the fees will cost you and whether that still makes it worth having one.

Would being able to buy on line really improve your life, is it a big problem at the moment that you can't?

tortoise Mon 08-Sep-08 20:59:27

The PAYG fees don't look too bad as long as i am not using it all the time (which i wouldn't be).And it is free to put money on the card in Barcleys bank(My bank).

With Christmas coming up there are often online deals that i miss out on plus it costs me extra every time i send out a postal order for something. Also i can't drive so it will be cheaper to be able to buy from a supermarket online than it is to buy from local shops in a small town.

Plus there is the chance to earn upto 15% cash back from certain companies which sounds good.

But i am worried i am missing something that could cause problems.

CarGirl Mon 08-Sep-08 21:07:28

They are making their money through charging fees so as long as you carefully select one that there is no charge for you putting money on that is good, what are the fees if you don't use it for a month or x times per month, is there a minimum spend etc etc just weigh up how much all those fees are going to cost you and see if you're still going to benefit. They will also make money through the retailers paying fees like they do with credit/debit cards hence there isn't a massive catch I don't think......

tortoise Mon 08-Sep-08 21:29:44

I can't see any limit on how often it has to be used. Or if you get fees for not using it (Apart from the pay monthly one which is £4.99 a month).

Not sure about minimum spend but i think minimum top up is £10 which is fine by me.

PAYG fee for a transaction is min 50p and max £1.50

CarGirl Mon 08-Sep-08 21:33:29

that was mentioned as one of the cons in the link that you pasted, about being charged if you don't use it for a month but I guess all the different companies offering them have different terms and conditions so it is down to selecting the one that is going to charge you the least for how you use it.

It does sound like a workable solution.

tortoise Mon 08-Sep-08 21:49:46

I immagine i would use it at least once a month for an online shop.
Will think it over for a few more days i think.
Thanks. smile

CarGirl Mon 08-Sep-08 21:53:12

Do a spreadsheet and work out what it's going to cost to use (don't forget paying for supermarket delivery) versus how much you think you will save?

tortoise Mon 08-Sep-08 21:58:03

found this from MSE site.

I have no idea how to do a spread sheet. blush

CarGirl Mon 08-Sep-08 22:02:37

just write lists of what you think it will cost you in fees and a list of what you will save, a spreadsheet just makes it easier it does all the maths and you can fiddle the finances easier.

So supermarket £60 per fortnight plus 1 x delivery fees at £6, plus transaction fees etc

versus money saved at not spending at local shops?

tortoise Mon 08-Sep-08 22:08:03

Thanks. smile
I will try it but not sure how it will go. grin My maths is awful!

CarGirl Mon 08-Sep-08 22:12:01

If you have excel on your PC then you could have a go at using it, I think it has an inbuilt tutorial it is very simple.

You keep your writing in one column and the money in a different one and use a - sign to make it negative etc. Would be good if you go on a 1 day course or something, they are very handy for bugetting and working out complicated maths things.

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