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Please can you tell me the unit charge and standing charge for your electricity?

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Twinklemegan Sat 06-Sep-08 22:55:47

Because I'm sick of those uswitch type sites. I can't find anywhere that I can go to directly compare unit charges for different price plans, and my own tariff doesn't even appear on those sites as an option anyway!

I'll start:

Scottish Hydro Electric
Total Heating Total Control

Standard rate: 14.28p per unit + VAT
Heating rate: 7.74p per unit + VAT
Standing charge: 31.08p per day

I think this is pretty steep and since we have resolved to abandon our useless storage heaters (which used 3,000 units from March to June shock) we are thinking of ditching THTC altogether and paying for new meter(s).

I know this is boring but I would really appreciate similar info from others. Thank you!!

Helennn Sun 07-Sep-08 12:17:53

I have tried to look up your tarif on energyhelpline, but also cannot find it.

Don't forget that charges for the same tarif vary depending where you live, so you will not be able to directly compare unless someone lives in the same area as you. Why can't you do a comparison putting in say THTC's standard tarif, then when the results come up click on the more info button, it then shows you what the actual tarif is?

Also, when we got rid of our night storage heaters I'm fairly sure it did not cost us to have the dual meter taken out, but this was some 6/7 years ago.

Twinklemegan Sun 07-Sep-08 21:45:24

I'm not sure exactly what you mean Helennn, but thanks for replying. I did realise after I posted that someone's location will make a difference. I'm in Highland, where THTC is pretty common. Interesting that it didn't cost you to have dual meters removed - I kind of assumed that Scottish Hydro will take every opportunity to fleece us, but maybe not then.

Anyone else?

Twinklemegan Sun 07-Sep-08 22:01:25

No, I see what you mean of course. You mean put in Scottish Hydro's Standard tariff to use for comparison. I could of course, but it pees me off tbh that those sites can't even be bothered to list one of the standard tariffs for those of us without gas. I know it's because we are prisoners of Scottish Hydro as there are no other compatible tariffs, but even so.

<Rant Alert> God I hate electricity companies so much. I can't believe the b**s have increased our charges by 40% knowing full well that we rely on their blardy electricity to survive a Scottish winter. It's not like we're just using it to run our DVD player while having everything important run more cheaply by gas! Rant, rant, rant. angry

How to find 40% savings off one's usage when going into winter. Hmmm hmm

Helennn Mon 08-Sep-08 12:28:48

Why don't you contact u-switch or whoever and ask them why it isnt listed? It is more than likely an oversight - I am an on an old tarif and that is listed, so I don't think it is because they can't be bothered.

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