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Prudential are wanting identification for me before issuing cheque

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saltire Sat 06-Sep-08 15:06:44

I posted about this last week (or maybe earlier) They want either a passport and a utility bill or bank statment showing my current address OR a driving licence and a bill or bank statement.

they say

" I need some identification of mrs saltires name and address. We ask for this as a security measure to ensure we are making payment to the correct person" and then goes on to say under current legislation and in order to protect my money they ahve an obligation to obatin saitisfactory evidnece of customer identity for all relevant parties to a contract.

So why do they just want my identity proof then and not DHs as he is named on the contract. The way the claim form is set out, i could (if I was so inclined) forge his signature,and have the cheque made out me only.

I don't have a passport or a driving licence, the only photographic ID I ahve is a forces dependants card which I'm not allowed to send through teh post.
I have tried to get an answer, but their call staff are based overseas and cannot seem to grasp what I am querying, they jsut keep saying that they need a bill to prove my address and a photographic ID to prove I am who i say I am, but they don't have any photo of me to compare it with? When I called to change the address details they never queried it, we put it in writing like they asked, and I (obviously) managed to give them the dates of birth, etc

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