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Taking action against mortgage company

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Washersaurus Thu 04-Sep-08 11:26:17

We have had a terrible time with our mortgage company, thankfully the mortgage will be paid off at 3pm today <fingers crossed>

They have messed us around for months by refusing to speak to me and DH about the account for over a month because my name changed (we got married) - even though we had provided a copy of the marriage certificate and my new signature, they failed to provide redemption statements when requested, and changed solicitors without telling us etc meaning that we have incurred lots of extra interest and additional charges that we wouldn't otherwise have had to pay. During this whole fiasco they also took us to court in an attempt to repossess the house.

We are going to forward all the details and complaint to the financial ombudsman, but DH also wants to take them to the small claims court in an attempt to get some of this money back.

Where would we start? Has anyone had a similar experience?

DaisySteiner Thu 04-Sep-08 12:37:16

The FSO has the power to order them to compensate you so I would leave it to them tbh.

Seabright Thu 04-Sep-08 20:31:04

I agree, you can't use both systems, you pick one and go with it.

Washersaurus Thu 04-Sep-08 21:59:17

Thank you both, I will tell DH to calm down a bit then.

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