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questions about giving notice to landlord

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nancy75 Wed 03-Sep-08 10:43:54

i need some advice please smile
we have found a lovely new house and need to give i months notice to our land lord. our rent is due on the 16th and that is when we have to give notice by, however our landlord is a nice man and i feel that i should tell him now so that he has a little longer to find a new tenant.
the problem is we are going on holiday on sunday and i am not really happy about people looking round the house when i am not here.
so should i tell him now so that he can get the ball rolling with agents ect or should i just wait until the 16th and give the required 1 month?
aibu to say i dont want people in the house when i am not here?

nancy75 Wed 03-Sep-08 11:12:44

nobody got any opinions? sad

dilbertina Wed 03-Sep-08 11:16:21

Would you be happy if you insisted he show people round whilst you're away? Or tell him but say about the holiday...or leave it till you have to tell him...don't think it really matters. I guess probably unlikely he'd be needing to show people round immediately you tell him anyway.

Dropdeadfred Wed 03-Sep-08 11:16:55

it should say in your tenancy agreement that the landlord has the right to give you 24 hrs notice beofre bringing round potential teants..

queenrollo Wed 03-Sep-08 11:29:17

Is there someone you could ask to go in for you if he does want to show tenants round? I was in the same position as you, had to hand my notice before the actual date because i was away over that period. I arranged with a trusted friend to have a key and passed his number to my landlord so if he needed to show anyone round my friend could be there to 'supervise' the end the landlord decided to wait until i was back off holiday, but appreciated the extra two weeks notice i gave him.

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