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Fuming over credit card payment dispute - anyone familiar with consumer law?

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maggiethecat Wed 03-Sep-08 00:10:22

Went to Spain this summer - booked through agent in Spain who quoted price which we accepted and received confirmation voucher online. Also gave credit card details for payment.

Got to hotel and were given double room which could not hold our family and was inconsistent with details in quote and the voucher which was for family suite.
Manager said agent 'paid' them for double room at which I showed voucher. Manager said he would contact agent to try to sort it out and gave us family suite.

We thought that it was sorted out as there was never any discussion with us of increased cost and at check out we only paid for drinks, snacks and no mention was made of additional room charges.
Returned to UK to find that we were charged almost 300 pounds more than quote and that the entire payment including additional cost was taken by the hotel (we assumed that payment was being made through agent).
Agent has basically said to sod off as he understands we were happy with room. Credit card company say we have no recourse through them as quote was given by agent shock.

Even if the agent excuse is valid surely the hotel cannot be allowed to take an additional payment (esp given that there was an issue) without having pointed out these costs and getting us to agree them?

Grateful for suggestions/pointers in the right direction.

WendyWeber Wed 03-Sep-08 00:31:22

If you have a printed quote with original price and "family room", then agent is trying to pull a fast one. I would go back to your credit card company again initially, & if you get no joy there then sign up with Which Legal Service - it's only about £12 for 3 or 6 months (forget which) and they really know their stuff. I think the credit card company should pay you and then claim it back from the agent. (They all try to fob you off intially.)

We had a dispute with a storage company whose roof leaked persistently on our things, & they kept insisting they weren't liable because we hadn't bought their insurance, but Which said it was negligence & gave us wording to use - & we quoted Which at them - & they caved in & paid £500 compensation smile

WendyWeber Wed 03-Sep-08 00:32:41

I'm afraid it's now £25 for 6 months - sad - still well worth it though!

HappyMummyOfOne Wed 03-Sep-08 07:27:18

The credit card company wont get involved as you provided them with your card details.

If the hotel took the payment, you need to deal with the hotel.

janinlondon Wed 03-Sep-08 08:48:12

Are you saying you never gave your credit card details to the hotel? And that you never signed anything for this amount, and have no invoice or receipt? I think you would have a case and the credit card company should pursue it - if I understand you correctly.

maggiethecat Thu 04-Sep-08 00:48:18

Will look at Which.

I gave agent credit card details on the understanding that they would take payment to pass on to hotel.

I find it strange that they wont get involved on basis that we were given quote by agent who are the ones that we gave card details - not the hotel. Yet it is the hotel which has taken the payment which is being disputed.

sandcastles Thu 04-Sep-08 01:40:45

I don't think that the agent is allowed to pass your credit card details onto a third party & the hotel certainly isn't allowed to use your card without your permission.

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