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can i claim for my car? Please help I am utterly thick.....

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Trebuchet Mon 01-Sep-08 12:29:33

can barely write as enormous belly in the way......

I am a self employed actress. It costs me a fortune travelling to and from auditions, for jobs that I often don't get. Had a banger for years, it finally died at Christmas.

I absolutely need a car to get to jobs and meetings, I live in a small village with crap public transport. I spent all my savings, sob, on a car at Christmas, £4800. Am I able to claim it as an expense? Approx 85% of its' use is work related, other than work I lead a very small kind of life. Do the shopping in it once a fortnight and see in-laws on the way back from there, in same fortnight I may have travelled to London 5 times, Manchester once and done several shorter trips into town for research stuff.

I'd appreciate any advice, thanks

hf128219 Mon 01-Sep-08 12:31:28

Are you talking about VAT?

Trebuchet Mon 01-Sep-08 12:39:58

No just as an expense on my tax return. Sadly don't earn enough for vat.

dilbertina Mon 01-Sep-08 12:42:18

Ask the tax office, I would have thought you could off-set some of your travel expenses against tax (you will need petrol rcpts etc). By the way, why didn't you get a cheaper car if things are tight? Not necessary IMO to spend that much to get a reliable car.

Trebuchet Mon 01-Sep-08 12:47:37

I wouldn't know, I was on my own, clueless and desperate. Didn't want to get sold a dodgy car unknowingly. The only person I know who knows about cars said if I got anything other than nearly new I was just buying other peoples problems so I took his advice and bought nearly new, planning to not have to buy another car for quite some time and run it into the ground.

catweazle Mon 01-Sep-08 22:33:39

useful info here on capital allowances

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