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council tax demand please help

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honeybehappy Mon 01-Sep-08 10:06:09

i have missed my last 3 months council tax payments of £109 so i owe £327 but i have just received a letter saying as i have no paid my instalments i have lost my rights and i have to pay £872.

I am moving in 2 weeks so will i still have to pay?

please help.

SpandexIsMyEnemy Mon 01-Sep-08 10:08:28

yes from april until you move you'll have to pay it. iirc.

kormachameleon Mon 01-Sep-08 10:10:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheArmadillo Mon 01-Sep-08 10:10:27

contact them. The worst thing you can do is leave it.

YOu will have to pay council tax until you move. But it may be recalculated as you won't be there until april (you pay over 10 months, but the amount is actually for the 12 month period).

phone them or go and see them. Do not leave it.

Jackstini Mon 01-Sep-08 10:11:35

Call them asap - you may be able to work out a payment plan to cover just the last 3 months.
Have you ignored any previous reminders or was this letter out of the blue?

honeybehappy Mon 01-Sep-08 10:22:51

i know i have to pay upto when i move out but i meant the whole £872.just found out i can borrow £327 on wed to pay it.

kormachameleon Mon 01-Sep-08 10:24:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hanaflower Mon 01-Sep-08 10:25:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bubblerock Mon 01-Sep-08 10:35:20

I had this with my business rates, missed one payment and they asked for the whole amount. I rang and asked for a payment plan and set up Direct Debit - they refused saying it was too late and would have to go to court where I could then arrange a payment plan! What a waste of time and money. I stuck it on my credit card in the end. angry

I hope they sort something out for you so that you don't have to pay the whole amount! Let us know what they say!

hedgehog1979 Mon 01-Sep-08 11:01:10

Although they are demanding the whole lot you can still pay in installments. DH and I have this problem all the time as he gets paid 4 weekly and occassionally DD's bounce. Ring them/or go in and speak to someone. Don't ignore it

scaryteacher Wed 03-Sep-08 14:01:31

You need to calculate the entire tax for the year, divide by 365 (number of days in year) then multiply by number of days resident at property. Then, subtract any payments made, and add on any costs, and that's what you owe.

You have lost the right to pay by instalments, however, you can call your CTAX office and make an arrangement to pay over a period of time. They may, depending where you are in the recovery process, take you to court, but not act on the Liability Order unless you default on the arrangement, in which case they can attach to your earnings or benefits, or refer to the bailiffs.

Talk to them, as normally they are more than happy to make arrangements as it costs more to attach etc. They may ask you to complete a form of incomings/outgoings though, unless you make a sensible arrangement with them. If it gets to attachment, they will just take it out of salary without looking at outgoings, so I'd get it sorted soonest.

If you still own the property then if it is unfurnished you can ask for an exemption for 6 months, otherwise a 50% discount if furnished. If you rent, unless the l/l gets someone else in straight away, you will remain liable until the end of the tenancy agreement. Same rules apply to the exemption/discount though.

Hope that helps. I used to be a scary Council Tax Officer, before I became a Scary Teacher, and we don't bite honest...only if someone has nicked the chocolate!

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