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DIY Divorce?

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MuthaHubbard Sat 30-Aug-08 18:17:06

Have been split from h for 9 months and I have decided to try and do the divorce myself. We have verbally agreed on finances/pensions etc, and I have filled in the petition (unreasonable behaviour) which I have shown him and he has agreed to. I have also completed the statement of arrangements for the children, again which he is happy with. I am in the family home, he is very happy in a rented cottage and everything very amicable.

The only thing I have left to do is take over the mortgage, and I am going to see a mortgage advisor in 2 weeks.

Everything seems to be very straightforward and I am saving up the £300 to pay for it.

Are there any downfalls/advice that you can think of re do-it-yourself?

Leslaki Mon 01-Sep-08 09:01:44

My friend has just done this and it has taken her 3 years!!! All was fine in the beginning cos her ex agreed with it all then he changed his mind re access/custody and soliciotors had to get involved. All got a bit fraught then he ended up agreeing to same stuff 2 yeasr later!!! hmm so yes you can do but be prepared for it to go wrong if he decides he's not happy!
I'm getting divorced too but having to use soliciotrs as ex agrees to everything 1 minute then chops and changes his mind. Gets all abit nasty and I feel more protectd having a solicitor acting for me.
Depends on your relationship and if your ex is puting kids first etc etc - my ex isn't which is why we have a problem.

Good luck!!!

MuthaHubbard Mon 01-Sep-08 11:07:39

thanks leslaki. think i am just a bit wary as everything does seem to be going too well!

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