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Letter from County Court

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slotnicki Sat 30-Aug-08 12:25:02

About 10 months ago, a person came into the synagogue my partner was attending and stated that his car had collided with hers and caused damage. He disputed this and there were no witnesses. Bizarrely, she insisted on taking photographs of him when he left the synagogue to come home.

At the time, he was contacted by her insurance company, he explained that he had not damaged her car and heard nothing further.

Today he received a County Court Summons giving him options to pays some 2k in damages or dispute the case.

As there were no witnesses and the person did not ever bring any witnesses forward, I cannot see how she could possibly win the case - although she has intructed solicitors. Due to the cost and the nature of the claim, I canot see that it would be worthwhile us intructing solicitors and feel that we should simply write back saying that there were not witnesses and the incident didn't happen.

Has anyone ever come across a similar situation? Would be grateful for any advice in case I've overlooked anything.

Freckle Sat 30-Aug-08 12:29:32

With the summons, your dp should have received documentation enabling him to defend the action. There should also be explanatory notes. He should return the form indicating that he is disputing the claim and setting out his defence. He has, I believe, 14 days in which to do this, so should act quickly as, if he fails to respond within this time, the other party can apply for judgement in default.

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