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Home insurance nightmare (sorry long)

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mankymooandsqualfie Fri 29-Aug-08 21:15:44

In July I applied for a mortgage and was told that I needed to have buildings and contents insurance for the property before they would give me a mortgage.

I was told that I could accept their quote or get one from another insurer and give them the details the following day. I went home and phoned my current contents insurer and they quoted me a cheaper price and after I explained the situation the girl said I could buy the policies there and then and post date it by 30 days and if I still hadn't moved in by then all I had to do was phone them and extend the start date.

This is where it all goes wrong, I bought the policies and have phoned this evening to post date the start date again as we aren't expecting to move until October now. After being on hold for an hour and a quarterangry I was told that this was not possible no body had ever heard of it and in fact my policy had already started on a property I don't even own yet.

Has anyone ever done this before or were they just after my money and made the whole thing up? Any help or advice would be greatly received.

DaisySteiner Fri 29-Aug-08 21:19:03

Most places record all the calls automatically. I would make a written complaint and request that they listen to the call and insist that they refund you for the past 30 days of your policy.

mankymooandsqualfie Fri 29-Aug-08 21:25:08

Thank you I am supposed to be getting a phone call tomorrow between 08:00 and 21:00 from another manager to confirm whether or not I can extend and I know the name of the person who sold it to me so I shall be mentioning that.

I did ask the manager who I spoke to tonight what other people do when they need insurance before a mortgage and he said they usually just go with the mortgage company hmm so I told him I wished I had now.

Lauriefairycake Sat 30-Aug-08 12:06:59

surely duplicate policies are pretty common though - they don't usually end at midnight on the day you're supposed to move. I've always been covered from the date of exchange - fairly sure you have to be.

tbh I think it's your mortgage company thats a bit crap, insisting you have a policy before they will give you a mortgage.

Why don't you just keep the policy, it's only a couple of months - what's that £50?

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