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Help, Advice on Redundancy

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Franniban Sat 19-Feb-05 14:35:11

Hi, I've got a meeting with my employer on Monday and I've got a horrible feeling that they are going to make me redundant. I'm 23 weeks at the moment, any advice to take with me into this meeting on Monday/and or on being made redundant at this stage of pregnancy, thanks

nightowl Sun 20-Feb-05 00:28:28


Freckle Sun 20-Feb-05 09:58:58

Why do you think you are going to be made redundant? Have you been given any indication that your job no longer exists? Is the company about to close?

winnie Sun 20-Feb-05 10:48:57

Franniban, sorry if this is a silly question but do your employers know you are pregnant? How long have you worked for them? And is any one else being made redundant? Sorry to bombard you with questions but all of these things could be relevant.

Franniban Sun 20-Feb-05 17:29:56

Yes they do know that I'm pregnant, I don't believe that anyone else is being made redundant.

Franniban Sun 20-Feb-05 17:30:23

Worked for them for 8 months

winnie Sun 20-Feb-05 19:11:56

Franniban, if your employer dismisses you because you are pregnant you can go to an Employment tribunal for unfair dismissal regardless of the length of time you have worked there.
However, if you are dismissed and made redundant it has to be a genuine redundancy and the employer must follow a set grievance procedure. Unfortunately statutory redundancy pay only applies after working for a company for two years.
I hope this helps. Once you know what is happening it will be easier for you to seek advice. Are there any reasons why you think this may be related to your pregnancy?

nightowl Sun 20-Feb-05 20:29:20

bumped your thread as i really hate to see this happen to anyone. i was employed for 8 years by a company who dismissed me as s**t when i was on maternity leave. my case is very complicated but fortunatly it wasnt thrown out. i was made redundant, but no-one else in my dept was...and out of the entire company and all their departments i was the third longest serving member of staff. (the other two being foreman and manager). bitter woman alert!!

sasa15 Sun 20-Feb-05 20:46:14

I hope that all goes well..and it'a just your feeling....

but if that happen just have a break from all and concentrate at the baby....coming....#

when is time to back to'll find something else...

I believe that life is a bit destiny too....

this happened to me....but I'm happy now....

still not working after baby...but moving in another country,,....with dh...and ds ....
and it's all excitement........

Uwila Sun 20-Feb-05 22:04:06

Hi Franni,
I sympathise with you. I really do. We are facing a lot of redundancies at my company, and I really feared that I would suffer this same fate. But, I seem to have escaped it. When is your qualifying week?

This is really crap. You can legislate all you want, but women will be disriminated against for being pregnant so long as men don't have babies... Okay, a bit harsh maybe.

Have you looked at the Tiger website. I forget the address... or something like that. It's very useful for all the maternity rights and responsibilities for both employees and employers.

Franniban Wed 23-Feb-05 18:47:40

Thank you all for your messages, I have calmed down about things now, however, following the meeting on Monday, they have put me at risk of redundancy, quite frankly the whole thing stinks! I will just quailify for SMP, by one day, assuming that the axe comes down next Monday when I have a second meeting then. I have managed to get a bit of advise and I have managed to get an free appointment with a solicitor for next week, so should be able to have a better idea of if I have case for unfair dismissal or not.
Sasa, you are right, I just need to take a break and concentrate on the new baby and my gorgeous son.
Will keep you posted!

Freckle Wed 23-Feb-05 19:50:01

What reason did they give for possible redundancy?

Franniban Thu 24-Feb-05 18:49:52

They have based the possible redunancy on a 50% decrease in the number of units I am looking after, this is soley based on Jan/Feb year on year. Strikes me as unreasonable to only look at 2 months figures, and it seems that no one else doing my role is being made at risk of redundancy, all very cynical if you ask me

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