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SEN Lawyer Needed

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JaysMum Thu 17-Feb-05 18:15:35

Does anyone here now of a law firm that specialises in Special Eduaction Needs Law?

Also looking for a Lawyer who can act on our behalf with issues relating to local health authority failing to meet the needs of a child with a disability.

Have contacted various solicitors firms in my area not one of them could help.

Also have contacted Th National Autistic Society but still cant find a firm who has enough knowledge to act for us.


JaysMum Fri 18-Feb-05 20:10:54

Bumpity Bump Bump

CountessDracula Fri 18-Feb-05 20:16:37

My dh may know, he is a medical lawyer

He isn't home yet but will ask him when he comes in.

I take it when you say "failing to meet the needs" you don't mean negligently

CountessDracula Fri 18-Feb-05 20:19:10

you could try Leigh Day & Co

They are top claimant clin neg firm and if they can't help you they should be able to tell you someone who can

(that was from me not dh btw)

CountessDracula Fri 18-Feb-05 20:25:14

ah just done a google and found This which looks ideal

JaysMum Fri 18-Feb-05 23:11:30

Thanks for that.looks like they may be able to help us....will give them a call on Monday.

Basically to cut 8 years into a few sentences....

My son has Aspergers....a form of Autism. He has begun to self harm and express a wish to die. Our LHA have refused him access to a Psychologist or Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services because unless he actually self harms with the intent on ending his life then they can not see him!!!!! Cut backs...lack of rescources etc....funding before prevention!!!!

Lots of schooling home educated....LEA refusing support...special school placement agreed...not until next Sept!!!Previous school are still employing my sons old Support Assisitant....yet my son has not attended school since October 04....she was employed solely to assist my son. Special school placement delayed due to lack of funding....yet they are paying someone to be responsible for a child who is not at school???? Makes sense doesnt it?????

Disability Discrimination,LEA negligent in providing the needs of a child and Health Authority for failing to provide care for a child with a mental health disability. GP told us the only way we can get this sorted is by seeing it through to the end in court.

Think I'm going to be a busy gal!!!!

anchovies Fri 18-Feb-05 23:24:12

Not sure if this is the right sort of thing dls

anchovies Fri 18-Feb-05 23:25:06

sorry cant do links!

Cristina7 Sat 19-Feb-05 02:28:29

I know of a few people who have used MN of SEN Legal from Countess Dracula's link - she was very good. I attended a couple of presentations she made and found her truly inspirational. Good luck with finding someone suitable.

JaysMum Mon 21-Feb-05 02:25:46

Thanks everyone.....have been busy emailing all the companies....someone from DLS is calling tomorrow....just have to wait now to see if anyone can help us.
You would have thought the solicitors would be scrambling to get their hands on our money.....just think it's a difficult area of law!!!!
By the time I find a solicitor I will probably know how to do it myself!!!!!

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