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Child do you nominate one? advice please

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baabi Thu 17-Feb-05 13:22:38

Both myself and DH are foreigners from two different countries and all our family lives abroad. Our 16m old DD is British by birth, she might get a further nationality later on. We would like to put something in writting, legally biding, stipulating who should be her legal guardian in the unlikely event that something happens to both of us (a horrible thought but you never know what the future holds)- we hate the idea that she would go and live with strangers/ live in children's home. Has anyone done something similar or can advise how to go about finding info?

I feel quite emotional thinking about it but i like to be preapared for the enexpected as much as possible.

By the way am at work (lunch hour) can not "talk", just check messages.

Thank you

gothicmama Thu 17-Feb-05 13:25:01

We have it in our will who will be DD 's legal guardian

Hulababy Thu 17-Feb-05 20:48:56

It is pretty standard to have guardians put into your will. However, guardianship is NOT legal binding, but it does show your wishes and is generally followed. If your wishes are contested by anyone else it would go to the court, for the court to decide. But your wishes, and if old enough, your child's wishes would be listen to.

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