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brambles Thu 17-Feb-05 08:12:44

can anyone tell me if i can claim the dole not sure whats its called now hubby is on a fair wage does it work on the indiviual or does it include your partner

nnosam Thu 17-Feb-05 08:28:04

it depends. if you want to clam income surport then it will inc your hubbies wage, but if you wan to clam jobseakers allowance (sp?) then it will just be for you.
the diff between the two is.....income surport is where they pay bills and give the whole family money to live on. jobseakers is for those who are looking to go to work and are unable to find it, and its done on the stamps that you have paid through working.
my dh works full time and after i had ds i clamed jobseakers, everthough i wasnt looking to go back to work (but didnt tell them that) i got £44.05 per week.
go have a chat with your local branch, they can be helpfull..
good luck

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